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Connect with Your Inner Wisdom, Find Fulfilment and Transform Your Life.

So that you can experience inner success, joy and fulfillment in your personal and professional life.​

Hello and welcome,

My name is Michael Holmwood, you can call me Mike.

I'm a husband, fur family dad, qualified life coach, natural mindfulness guide, adventure guide, and

your Life Guide.

Life Guide Michael Holmwood Profile.

I use the Clarity Compass™ framework to guide purpose-driven individuals like you through transformative experiences that bring clarity, purpose and joy to your life.

A woman lost in the woods, looking for a life guide.

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

  • Despite following society’s prescribed path to happiness, you still feel unfulfilled.

  • Your focus on external responsibilities has led to a disconnect from your inner voice and purpose.

  • You feel confined and restricted by your day job, knowing deep down that you have more to offer, yet uncertain about your path and best way forward.

  • You understand that embracing change is necessary for your progress, but dealing with uncertainty scares you. So instead of moving forward you stay stuck.

  • You’re afraid to stand-out in case you get judged.

  • You suppress your authentic expression, which amplifies your inner critic and negative chatter.

  • Overthinking drains your energy, leaving you confused, overwhelmed, and uncertain of your next step.

Can you imagine keeping your life on track and aligned with your dreams, goals, and life purpose, without burning out in your personal or professional life?

My Goal Is To Empower You To Live The Life You Imagine With...


Know what living a fulfilled life means to you.


Feel connected to your authentic self and inner voice.


Learn the strategies to stay on track with your vision.

Being purpose-driven often requires standing out from the crowd, which can leave you feeling vulnerable, alone and anxious.

A fragile flower being held gently to show the support I offer as a Life Guide

As a transformative life guide, I provide 1-on-1 personalised guidance, tools and support to help purpose-driven individuals like you overcome challenges, tap into your strengths, and create a more fulfilling life on your own terms.  My goal is to empower and equip you to…

Overcome challenges

Tap into your strengths

Create a more fulfilling life on your own terms

Connect with your inner wisdom and guidance

Feel more relaxed and connected to yourself

Make confident and empowered decisions

Be clear about your vision for the future and how to get there

Michael Holmwood Clarity Compass™


Private one-hour online Life Guide sessions that meet your preferred schedule.

Personalized support and guidance for achieving clarity, calm, and confidence.

A safe container for exploring your inner and outer world.

A tailored Clarity Compass™ to keep your life on track and aligned with your dreams, goals, and life purpose.

Identify and shift unhealthy habits and patterns that hinder living a fulfilled life.

Breakthrough the inherited beliefs and programming that hold you back from living in alignment with your purpose.


Nature-based mindfulness practices and meditations.


Identify and pursue goals aligned with your values, passions, and vision for the future.


​Expect moments of discomfort and challenges during this transformative journey, but know that I will be here to provide continuous support and guidance along the way.


A flower opening to it's full potential.

To provide the utmost support and dedication to your transformative journey, I intentionally limit my clientele to a select few purpose-driven individuals.

That way, I can ensure that I devote my full attention, time, and energy to your personal growth and development.

I am committed to being there for you every step of the way. Click the button below and let's start the conversation.

Michael Holmwood - Life and Adventure Guide.

Meet your Life Guide:

Hi there! I'm Mike, a transformative life guide.


I have experienced overwhelm, confusion, and burnout while trying to fit in, and I have also felt lost while striving to stand out from the crowd, even though deep down I knew it was where I was meant to be.


I've questioned my purpose and path countless times. In the end, the challenges only strengthened my resilience and clarified my vision.


In 2015, I began a two-year life coaching course, igniting my passion to guide others in connecting with their inner wisdom.


The course provided a solid foundation of transformational tools, yet I felt something was missing. My quest took me on immersive adventures into nature where I discovered the final piece to my puzzle - the profound healing and transformational power of nature.


It was the missing link I needed to share these transformative experiences with others, inspiring me to become a qualified natural mindfulness, forest bathing and mountain guide.


I blended concepts, practices and principles from various courses with my lived experience of feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed. This fusion resulted in the Clarity Compass™,  this powerful framework and transformative tool serves as the foundation of my work as a Life Guide. It sets me apart in guiding you through life's complexities.


With personalized guidance and support, we’ll develop your own Clarity Compass™. 


So what are you waiting for?

Let's embark on this transformative journey together, and create a clear path to your authentic and fulfilled life.

Still not sure if this is for you?

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Who Transformative Life Guiding Is For?

  • People who want to make changes but can’t maintain new habits, instead they fall back into old habits and routines.

  • Purpose-driven individuals who feel lost, disconnected, and overwhelmed.

  • People who want to tap into their inner wisdom and guidance to create a more fulfilling life on their own terms.

  • People who see the benefit of personalised guidance and support to overcome challenges and to pursue their passions and goals.

  • People who value their time and energy and who want to focus it on what truly matters.

  • People who would like to experience greater success in their personal, professional and spiritual life.

  • People who want to feel more grounded and centred with a greater sense of purpose and direction in their personal and professional life.

  • People who want to navigate their life with clarity, calm and confidence.

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Who Transformative Life Guiding is not for:

  • Those who are happy with the direction their life is heading.

  • People who would prefer to stay stuck in the daily grind.

  • Those who are not willing to put in the effort and potentially deal with some discomfort in order to create the desired change in their lives.

  • Individuals who are not open to exploring their inner selves and tapping into their inner guidance.

  • People who are not willing to take responsibility for their lives and their decisions.

  • Individuals who are seeking a quick fix or a one-size-fits-all solution to their problems.

If you would prefer to start by sending an email, please click the button below.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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