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awaken to nature podcast




The AWAKEN to NATURE Podcast

The Awaken to Nature Podcast is a series of Conversations and Meditations that remind us that we are not separate from nature, WE ARE NATURE and we feel our best when we are consciously connected to it.


In Conversations, host Michael Holmwood sits down with a wide range of expert guests to  uncover and discover their knowledge, passion and tools related to topics such as nature connection, mindfulness, spirituality, health and well-being. 


Meditations is a series of short solo episodes where Michael shares natural mindfulness Exercises and Experiences that you can use to help deepen your own experience and connection with nature.

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How does spending time in nature benefit your mental health?

7 Reasons why time in Nature is good for your mind.

How does spending time in Nature benefit your physical well-being?

7 Reasons why time in nature is good for your body.

What is forest bathing?
How does forest bathing improve your well-being?

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